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Join us for a 


simple-soothing, cup-filling, soul nourishing methods, tools, and tips, along with mental, emotional, and spiritual support to help you navigate through these times in our world. We will be sharing all of our best tools to help YOU regain clarity, re-ignite your soul inspiration, and tap into your authentic wisdom so YOU can remember your power. Let us help

you refill your cup while gaining

a commYOUnity of soul sisters

(and brothers) that not only

supports YOU but

who genuinely

wants to see



Join us May 21-23, 2021

& BONUS Balance Session

On Monday May 24th! 

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All of YOU is Welcome Here…

In the fullness of everyday life, we forget who we are. A soulful weekend is a much deserved self-care vacation that the soul has been longing for.

The Spa For The Soul is an experiential virtual retreat,

that is inspirationally created to give YOU the well deserved time to refill your cup.

As the heart-centered Human that you are, we know that you are always taking care of everyone else, and probably don't even remember the last time that you took care of YOU. Because our world is going through so many shifts and great changes, YOU and your gifts are needed!

The Truth Is, YOU Are So powerful, and we see YOU.

We know it can be a lonely world, and you don't have to go it alone! We understand the importance of having a supportive community, one that can help you get through these times so that you can stay in alignment, enabling YOU to make the biggest possible impact with your divinely aligned gifts and creating your happy life.

This is why we created The Spa For The Soul,

featuring the "Happiness Facilitators" from The Happy YOUniverse.

We will be sharing wisdom and SOUL STORIES with you as if you were attending a physical retreat, designed to help you recharge and reconnect to who you were before the world told you who to be.

And our favorite part about this virtual retreat is that we will be joining you from the comfort of your home. In fact, we recommend turning off all other electronics over these three days, to allow your soul to get the sole attention it deserves! You may just want to wear pajamas, sipping multiple cups of warm tea, and even end the night with a salt bath!

We are here to help you:

  • Feel Fulfilled and authentic, while bringing joy and vibrance back into your life.
  • Align with your divine gifts.
  • Awaken to be the unstoppable power for GOOD in the world that you already ARE!

During This Virtual Retreat,

You Will Receive…

  • Exclusive access to 3 soulful and soothing retreat sessions each day, uniquely created with our Happiness Facilitators from The Happy YOUniverse who are here to help you regain clarity and stamina!

  • Soul Nurturing nuggets, tips, tools, and meditations for each day.

  • Exclusive virtual spa kits for each day, all dedicated to help you stay in alignment with your divine gifts and higher purpose so you can create the abundance you need to make the big IMPACT you were born to do.

  • LIVE ZOOM SOUL SESSION BONUS on Day 4. This is for you to ask questions, create deeper connections, and receive the extra support for your journey! ANY questions or help you need, this session is interactive, as you shift, we all shift.

  • Connect with others in our comYOUnity for a reminder that you are supported, loved, and never alone.


Day One: Celebration Ceremony of YOU

Your safe haven.

We will be celebrating YOU by setting your sacred space to help you remember and reconnect.

Your Happiness Facilitators: Michael Dake, Jena Harris, & Kathleen McGinley

Day Two: Nurture & Replenish

Your Joy ~ Your Inner/Outer Beauty ~ Your Treasures

We will be honoring YOU by helping YOU put yourself on the list for nourishment & replenishment to refill your cup.

Your Happiness Facilitators: Maricela Rios´, Kelcey Curry, & Megan Ellis

Day Three: Permission To Fly

Your Freedom ~ Your Superpower ~ Your Self-Mastery

Refilling your cup and doing a deep dive within to anchor in to claim your power

so you can step into that self-mastery to have the freedom in your life (& business if so).

Your Happiness Facilitators: Kristin Harwood, Nancy Haines, & Hydee Tehana


Bringing Balance


This is a BONUS LIVE ZOOM SOUL SESSION where you can answer any questions you may have,

connect with your support team, and bring balance and harmony from the 3 day retreat.

Your Happiness Facilitators: Michael Dake and Jena Harris

virtual Weekend Retreat

Meet Your Happiness Facilitators:

Michael Dake


Your Stargate

Jena Harris

Remembering Your

Genius Zone

Kathleen McGinley


Your Gifts

Kristin Harwood


Your Freedom

Kelcey Curry

Remembering Your Inner & Outer Beauty

Nancy Haines

Remembering Your


Megan Ellis


Your Treasures

Maricela Rios´

Remembering Your Joy, and Passion

Hydee Tehana

Remembering Your Elemental Power

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